Parent-Child Lawsuits in Texas

It is sad that people have children out of wedlock. In worse cases, the people involved hardly know each other. This was exactly the case when David Howe took to the stand on 22 November 2015. A woman who identified herself as Rebecca, filed an SAPCR (suit affecting the parent-child relationship) against David and according to the laws that govern parent-child lawsuits in Texas, she had a case. In Texas, prosecutors are serious on matters that deal with infidelity and parent-child lawsuits in general.

About David’s case

Family law generally involves cases to do with divorces, child upkeep and other family relationships. In most cases, there has to be a child/ children involved. For example, in David Howe’s case, he was accused of siring a child out of wedlock with Rebecca. While David had “forgotten” about the night, Rebecca argued her case.

Even with the best family law attorney, David (an accountant) had to pay for the child’s “exorbitant” expenses until he attained the legal age. As if that was not enough trouble for him, his legal wife Nina who lived in Lakeway Texas also filed for a divorce.

Most of the time than not, SAPCR cases bring shame to the family at hand and more so the alleged culprit. For example, in David’s case, while his attorney managed to reduce the amount he was to pay as his child’s upkeep charges, the shame still hang over his head. For the rest of his life he will have to deal with the stress that come from teasing and to make it worse, he now has two “families” that do not live with him. He incurs expenses while he does not receive any family love and enjoy family moments.

Are there other family law cases in Texas?

David Howe’s case is obviously not an isolated one. According to Dirk Ronald (a famous family law attorney), he handles over twenty such cases every year. This means that SAPCR cases are rampant and on the rise in Texas.


Parent-Child Lawsuits are rampant in Texas. Taking David Howe’s case as an example, people get children out of wedlock some of whom the “do not know” about until it is too late. While an attorney can fight your battle and reduce the charges levelled against you, you will still have to deal with the shame and possible divorce that may come as a result of the charges.

A Houston Attorney To Help in Fighting a Criminal Case

Houston area police agencies love to arrest alleged felons, lock them up in jail, and as with the case of Josiah Sutton, say the hell with the evidence. You see, Josiah Sutton was convicted a result of faulty evidence processing in the Houston Police Crime Lab. This unfortunate case of the mishandling of evidence was repeated in many cases.

Unfortunately, Josiah Sutton, and many others like him, may have been found not guilty, or innocent if represented by one of many competent criminal defense lawyers in Houston.

Josiah’s Story:

As with most inner city youths in Houston that somehow get arrested for crimes they didn’t commit, defense funding can be hard to come by. However, having a criminal defense lawyer on your side is the best way to ensure that aren’t wrongfully convicted.

Sure, you can go to trial with a public defender and confident because you know you are innocent, but unfortunately you as the defendant could be the only one who believes in your story. That, and having an over-worked and underpaid public defender isn’t going to help your chances in the court of law.

The Solution?

Talk with a criminal defense attorney that will accept payment plans and act as a staunch defender that is going to be in your corner fighting for your rights hand, tooth, and gritty nail.