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The Necessity of Security Guards for Special Events

Keeping everyone entertained and comfortable in any planned event can be a daunting task for anyone who has the responsibility of getting it together. So, if you have been selected as the head, you will find that you need to do your research first. In fact, it really does not matter if the event is for a business conference, a VIP event, a large extravagant wedding or a wedding reception, they all have something in common, and that is to keep everyone safe and secure when they enter the premises.

Keeping this in mind, here are some of the top reasons why the necessity of security guards for special events is such a great benefit.

Assist in Monitoring the Guest List

In some cases, the guest list has been designed to only let certain persons in the room for attendance. Meaning, not just anyone can go into the event without the approval of the person or group that is sponsoring it. So, to keep everything to the number of people that should be in attendance, you will need the right personnel in charge, and that normally hired security guards. Security guards will not only assist at the startup but also through out the closing of the celebration.

Parking Lot Defense & Security

When people arrive at these events in Seattle, they are normally well equipped with the things that they need to attend. Therefore, they may arrive in luxurious cars that they want to protect, and with certain valuables that they don’t want to lose or have stolen by intruders. Whatever the case or situation, the role of the security guard is to keep their eyes out on the guest’s vehicles, expensive jewelry and other property that need to be protected. Typically, these are the professionals that know which areas that thieves will target first.

Security Guards May Escort Guests

Not all events are the same but they may sponsor similar activities. Hence, in some situations, the Seattle security guards may need to intervene to make sure that guests can enjoy themselves without being harmed, even when they are traveling home. For instance, if the guest has too much to drink and should not drive, the security guard can fulfill a necessary function by calling a taxi for those guests who are unable to safely get behind the wheel.

Emergency Response Options for Special Events

Being proactive by calling a taxi for those who are under the influence is a big part of a security officer’s job function. However, their primary roles really do no stop at being proactive. This is particularly the case when a security officer has to assist in handling emergency care services for the persons that need the help. Because these professionals are trained in certain areas, they can also help with the crowd when things begin to get out of hand in Seattle.

Making Things Better In Urban America

A number of young black men in America find themselves in the precarious situation of being charged for a criminal offense by law enforcement. This is either due to their misdeeds, or due to no fault of their own. A number of times black men end up in jail due to the phenomenon known as guilt by association.

The Black Community

The black community has number of different cultural biases that may contribute to the degradation and destruction of the black community. For example; any young black man from the hood will tell you that going to jail earns you respect in the black community among the more populous and popular element.urban-america

This can easily be explained by the over glorification by people who market the criminal lifestyle in hip-hop, movies, music, and by other methods. This can also be explained by the glorification of the Jail lifestyle and prison culture by television shows like Gang Life.

There are number of attorneys who have represented people who they feel are genuinely decent individuals, but have gotten themselves tangled up with the law in the state of Texas as result of poor decisions.

All too often these are low income offenders with minimal family support and a limited education. Score one for government run education system; which is only getting worse.


What the best solutions are to saving the black community, alongside all the other oppressed communities in the United States of America, is to eliminate the dominant power held by the banks which are more than likely the same people who control the drug trade and the education system. I guess it’s safe to assume that they also control entertainment making for a seamless matrix of overlapping mind-control mechanisms.

We as a people should stand up to empower communities and work to better educate our families and ourselves about history.